Join us in the Algarve in Portugal for a blend of Movement & Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Ice Bath, Sound Healing, Ecstatic Dance, Stand-Up Paddling and two Shamanic Ceremonies. The Retreat will also include Educational presentations and workshops about different fields and lots of fun in splendid nature and on incredible beaches with a group of like-minded people topped up with the unique beach venue and delicious organic food. 

The retreat was founded by Alex, who has a background in Yoga and has been

organizing Plant Medicine Retreats since 2015. He believes that the physical,

mental and spiritual realms are in reality one unique element so his retreats aim to

bring this union and totality, by building bridges and connecting physical activities to

science backed educational presentations and rounding everything up with spiritual

practices for you to learn &  enjoy.


Are you ready to fully R E C E I V E™ these offerings?

The location

 The retreat takes place in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe - the Algarve! What better place is there to take this journey to yourself and connect with many other like-minded people than the stunning beaches of Lagos? Lagos is a small town in the heart of the Algarve, and surrounded by famous beaches like Praia Dona Ana, Praia dos Estudantes and the breathtaking rock formations of the Ponta da Piedade. 


For the R E C E I V E™ Retreat, we have organised a luxury villa with enough privacy for you to feel completely safe. The Villa consists of various smaller apartments with doublebeds and a spacious garden with a private pool and jacuzzi. It is located within walking distance from a long sandy beach called Meia Praia and you can also walk to the center of Lagos. Feel free to have a look at their website for more photos!

Your facilitators

Together with Alex, there will be a number of passionate facilitators who will be happy to share their knowledge about different fields with you.

Alex - Visionary & Founder

Alex grew up in the Algarve, and has a special connection and local knowledge about this magical place. He started his spiritual journey back in 2013, and since has a passion for learning & passing on tools and skills for personal development. He has three Yoga Teacher Trainings, is a certified Nutritionist and has years of experience in facilitating Psilocybin Sessions. In the R E C E I V E  Retreat he combines all of his skills, making it a unique experience!

Dorje - Meditation Coach and Ice Bath Instructor 

Being an almost life-long martial artist, Dorje is an expert in combining physical and mental excercise. He has been trained as a meditation and breathwork teacher in India, is a Wim Hof instructor in training and loves sharing and exploring all types of bio-energetic work. He is passionate about interpreting ancient wisdom in the light of modern science, about personal growth and about tuning in with Mother Nature.

Jacob - Movement Coach

Since making the decision to leave Australia some years ago, Jacob’s journey has led him to explore different transformational tools and movement modalities. The development of various embodiment practices, in particular, enabled him to connect deeper with his true self and the natural world around him. Each session he crafts is unique to best suit the needs of the groups or individuals he works with.

Mela Mariposa - Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony

Mela has a huge background knowledge, she worked for over 12 years as a nurse in psychiatric clinics, she is a holistic nutritionist and spent years studying the science and practise of traditional yoga. She has lived, trained and taught in various communities in Asia and Europe. Nowadays she integrates shamanic work, western therapeutic elements and elements from traditional Yoga & Tantra.

Mayatita - Breathwork Facilitator

Mayatiita Devi grew up with her father being an Umbanda medium, an Afro-Brazilian tradition that works with the incorporation of Beings of Light and the Spirits of Nature. Therefore, dealing with the energy world that is invisible for the eye was natural for her.  Mayatiita has traveled around the world sharing herself through hollistic bodywork and energy healing as well holding space and facilitate ceremonies to inspire people to share their hearts´ truth.

Johnny "Omkior" - Sound Healing

Since childhood Johnny felt a deep spiritual calling to explore both sound and holistic healing on his awakening path. He experienced life changing transformative effects through his study and practice of Reiki, deepening his intuition and trust in universal guidance. Exploring sound through various instruments and vocal activations he was then intuitively guided to unite sound with healing.  

Dorje Tulum-33.jpg

What To expect

During the 5 days of the retreat, you will have a schedule full of inspiring activities but also some time to reflect and integrate the experiences. 

What activities are included?

          Daily Sunrise Meditation                                               

          ✔ Yoga                                                                         

          ✔ Movement                                                                 

           Stand-Up Paddle Tour                                             



           Cacau Ceremony


 Ice Bath


Sound Healing     


 Ecstatic Dance                                                                 

Deluxe Accommodation                                                                 

 Delicious Plant based food


Optional: Shamanic Ceremony                                           




Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the villa?

The closest airport is Faro, but you can also fly to Lisbon. From both airports you can catch a bus or train to get to Lagos (www.eva-bus.com for bus, www.cp.pt for the trains). From Lagos Bus Terminal or Train Station you can get a taxi or uber to the villa (around 10€) or simply walk (around 20min.). We will also create a WhatsApp Group for all participants so you can maybe organise to get to the villa with other people who land at a similar time as you. If you need more info, just send an email!

What is included?

During the retreat, the following things are included: - accommodation at luxury villa with private pool and garden (doublebeds and singlebeds in different apartments available) - daily vegan meals, freshly prepared by our private Chef - water and snacks throughout the day - all activities (except the shamanic ceremony which is optional) - surprise welcome gifts All you need to worry about is the flight (closest airport is Faro) and transfer to the villa

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing the following things: - beach/pool towel - sunscreen - warm clothers for the evenings (it can get chilly at night) - swimwear - cosmetics - an "empty cup" : no expectations, but a lot of openness and readiness to learn and take this journey to yourself

How do I book?

We like to get to know the people who will be participate in the retreat, to make sure it fits the group and we have the same values. If you are interested in the retreat, please send an email to receivetheretreat@gmail.com so we can schedule a call!

What's the X ChainlessLIFE™ Retreat?

The X ChainlessLIFE™ Retreat is a cooperation between R E C E I V E™ and ChainlessLIFE™. Since the R E C E I V E™ Retreat was born as a result of the CL Mentoring, and the first retreat was made up of people only from the CL Mentoring, the idea for a cooperation was born. The X ChainlessLIFE Retreat is supposed to bring the people together who have been through the mentoring and share the same values and goals in life. It's part of the last module, and the aim is to establish a deep (human) connection between like-minded people in real life.

Dates & Prices

Upcoming Retreats:

R E C E I V E™ Deluxe Retreat 

September 3rd-8th 2021

*sold out

R E C E I V EX ChainlessLIFE

October 2nd-7th 2021

*sold out

R E C E I V E™ X ChainlessLIFE

May 12th-17th 2022

*only few spots left



R E C E I V E™ Deluxe Retreat Price 

2.500€ (max. 12 Participants)

R E C E I V E™ X ChainlessLIFE™ Retreat  Price

2.000€ (max. 18 Participants)

A deposit of  750€ is required, the payment of the remaining amount can be arranged to what suits you best. Just get in touch if you want more information!


Client testimonials

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