The beginning of a new life

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Have you ever wondered what life is about, and what your purpose on this planet is? Surely there must be more to it than working 9-5 in an office so that your boss or the company you work for can make more money. I believe that with the a healthy body, a fulfilled spirit and the right mindset you can find your purpose and live a life filled with direction and substance.

Retreat in the Algarve and Coaching

My aim is to help people find their way to inner and outer balance. This is why I have created the R E C E I V E tribe. The idea of it is to pass on my experience and knowledge I have acquired in the past years to support people heal and thrive in their lives.

The main part of the tribe is the Retreat and the Coaching. The R E C E I V E Retreat in the Algarve is the perfect setting to live a week full of inspiring input and meeting like-minded people. The Retreat takes place in a beautiful village close to Lagos, in the Algarve. This region is blessed with unique rock formations and stunning waters. It's the best place to begin your new life.

The Coaching is a whole different part of my tribe. Here I will give you 1:1 coaching for 9 weeks, to bring your body, mindset and spirit on point. The ultimate goal of the Coaching is for you to attain union, to expand your consciousness and perceive the whole spectrum of reality by connecting to your inner passion and live a life with meaning.

Are you ready to R E C E I V E these offerings?

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