I'm Alex, the founder of the R E C E I V E™ Tribe. The idea of R E C E I V E™ was born as a result of my personal journey of healing and self-development. During the past years I have acquired the knowledge and the tools about how to live a balanced and meaningful life.

With a background and degrees in Marketing, Yoga, Movement, Meditation, Nutrition and with a blend of expertise in other spiritual, mental and physical practices, I felt it was time to share this knowledge with the world.

My purpose is to pass on this wisdom to help other people thrive, by living their most healthy and fulfilled life and to be the best version of themselves on a consistent level. Thus, the idea of the R E C E I V E Retreat in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal, where I live and grew up, was born. Shortly after creating the Retreat Concept, I created     The R E C E I V E Coaching to help even more people reach optimal physical performance, upgrade their Mindset and attain inner peace and balance. I'm happy to take you on this unique journey with me.

Are you ready to R E C E I V E™ these offerings?